“Comfort my People”

Beit Scandinavia was established as a “home away from home” serving first and foremost Scandinavian visitors to the Land. The idea was to be a meeting place for travelers as well as a connecting point between them and local Israelis. It is a Christian home, operated by unpaid members only. We receive visitors, from scandinavia first, but also from other countries.

In times of war and crisis, when tourists and staff go home, the house changes its purpose. It has been used for Israelis with a need to get away from rockets in the Southern areas or Israeli relatives to patients being treated at the nearby Rambam hospital. Most foreign guest houses closes when there are no tourists but Beit Scandinavia wants to practice the verse in Isaiah: 40,1: “Comfort,O comfort my People,” says your God.

In the present situation, with rockets hitting as far as Haifa, we cannot open the house due to lack of bomb shelters. This is a very painful situation for us as there is a desperate need for accommodation for families being evacuated from their homes near the Gaza Strip and the Northern border.

Please help us build bomb shelters.



Payment is made in Norwegian currency. 1 USD is 11.20 NOK

For example:
If you want to donate $50, you must enter 560 (Norwegian kroner)

Bomberom Budget:1.800.000,00Raised:250.711,00
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